A Poem for the Victims of SBF

Image produced through Midjourney

I left my crypto on a centralized exchange

And then the prices took a tumble

I lost a lot of money

And it really made me grumble

I should have kept my coins in my own wallet

Where I would have had complete control

But instead I entrusted them

To an exchange that took my toll

I believed the good Mr. Bankman

And all of his effective altruism

I don’t know why I thought that a billionaire

Would understand the ills of capitalism

When you leverage your clients funds

You open the cracks for Moloch

Not so altruistically sacrificing to Him

The crash may well be parabolic

I really am a believer in decentralization

And I thought crypto would make that actual

But maybe we need to begin to question

Who really owns all of the capital?

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